…And so the 2016 SW BMX Regional Championships is over so we hope that you all enjoyed your time in Cornwall.
Congratulations to all of the SW1 winners you rode in pretty tough conditions and deserve your titles.

Thank you to everyone that came along and raced in championships – healing vibes to those that fell.
Special thanks to all of the awesome Cornwall BMX Racing Club team that made the effort to ensure that the track and facilities were ready to go – whilst also being there running registration, finish line, cafe, sweet shop, BBQ…..etc


Huge thanks to all of our sponsors and supporters who helped to make the event possible.
Particular thanks to those that grabbed some tools once the rain came in especially the Exeter BMX crew with Carl Harris; and our own guys that kept working on the track throughout the racing Carl Cope, Martin Northcott and BridgetMartyn Kistle.
Thanks to Steve Leggett and the BC Commissiare team for keeping everything running to schedule.

The presentation night went down very well so thanks you to Billy Luckhurst, Charlotte Green and Paul Novis for all of their hard work handing out the trophies.
Special thanks to Steve Rachel Pritchard for the fantastic trophies.

Huge thanks to Mike Sharpe aka DJ-Ispy……the guy is a genius with the music and was incredibly enthusiastic throughout the day and late into the night. If you have any events please feel free to contact him…….he is “simply the best!”

Thanks to Patrick Caddy and Mick Wells for taking the time to capture those moments forever.

We hope that this year we brought you an event which you will positively recall for many years……
Thanks to Danny Taylor and Karen Wood at Strider for their support with the Rocker and Balance Bike racing…..two new “SW1s” and hopefully something that others will repeat in the future……(34 Rocker racers is insane!)
Well doen to all of the Cornwall BMX riders – you did a great job with some fantastic results…..very proud.

Lastly to those that stayed last night please enjoy Cornwall today and remember that the swimming pool and surf school are open. Walks along the beach and over the sand dunes are free – what an incredible venue!
I will apologise now if I have missed any names…..but thank you if I have.
We hope that you all have a safe journey home, see you all soon.